We specialize in qualitative
and collaborative research projects.

We help leaders prioritize and solve problems. Our research & strategy projects deliver customer insights through frameworks and stories.

We tackle complex problems and new opportunity spaces for organizations. It starts with a difficult question and ends with Winnow delivering strategic frameworks that unify teams, clarify strategies and prioritize new ventures. All projects are treated differently. We believe in custom-tailoring our research approach.

We offer shared experiences with clients, including: research ride-alongs, interim workshops, and participatory sessions,
as well as create frameworks, personas, design principles or wireframes, based on each client’s need. Generally, projects last between 2–6 months, and are billed based on a project fee rather than hourly rates. That said, we’re open to exploring other ways of working.


“It was one of the most dynamic interviews I’ve ever been a part of. Every moment was helpful.”

– Eraj Siddiqui, President of Digimarc Guardian

Ideation projects explore and resolve product and service opportunities.

We provide workshops and coaching to help clients understand and embrace design thinking.