Our process is honed to find what’s
most meaningful.

We believe that research isn’t about analysis alone—it needs to be actionable and inspiring.



We look out into the world.

A new level of understanding.


We conduct in-context interviews, observations, ethnography, and group interviews.


We seek to be surprised in the world, by carefully planning and studying analogous, extreme and expert experiences.


We devote more time to synthesis than most, because we delve more extensively into observations than other research and design firms.


We cull through our findings to provide you with a new level of understanding about the ecosystem of your customer.


We use visual frameworks to show opportunities along the customer journey or within core attributes.


We work alongside clients to craft compelling deliverables that fit the organization’s culture.


“Winnow’s process introduced our staff to design thinking as a methodology for engagement and planning, and built camaraderie at an important juncture for our team.”

– Lisa Forti, Director of Innovation, EBALDC

We’re truth seekers focused on finding new perspectives.

Empathy and curiosity guide our research, resulting in rich storytelling, surprising discoveries and clear paths of action.

It’s always an interesting journey. Please join us.

We wholeheartedly want our clients to understand and embody the research, and invite you to join us at key points throughout the process. Our work is stronger because we develop insights together.

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