Working with us is an exciting journey.

Our research puts your customer at the center and tunes your team’s market instincts to make better decisions.


“They’ve given us concrete, actionable insights that have fueled innovative strategies. I couldn’t have achieved the success I’ve had without them.”

– Micky Onvural, Senior Director of Consumer Marketing, Trulia

Our Recent Creative Partners

eBay, Inc
Winnow teamed up with eBay’s UX researchers to dive deeply into the habits and motivations of mobile users in three countries. We conducted ethnographic research with a range of passionate mobile users to inform the design and product development of even more compelling user experiences. We delivered stories and insights from rich observations and conversations with international eBay customers and non-users. Our frameworks help to identify the key differences in types of behaviors to shape the elements of delightful engagement experiences.



Hack the Hood
Hack the Hood, an Oakland-based community organization connecting low-income youth to the Tech ecosystem, hired Winnow to work on a grant to improve outcomes for disconnected youth with innovative approaches to video in the classroom. Winnow interviewed community leaders doing great work and met with youth in transition to uncover new ways to connect young people to ideas about Tech. We developed design principles, personas and video opportunities inspired by the strengths and challenges of youth programs today.


Trulia, Inc Trulia wanted to better understand the meaningful moments involved in buying and selling a home. So we interviewed couples across the country and worked closely with leadership to identify the most interesting opportunities, resulting in a fresh, new approach to thinking about, messaging to and designing for customers.
Building upon that work, we were brought in to explore the new role of agents in the world of online listings. We shadowed agents across the country to develop empathy for their perspective of the home buying process and saw a drastic disconnect in the expectations of consumers and agents. Winnow showed how Trulia could improve the imbalance, to everyone’s benefit.

Kaiser Permanente has been on a journey to infuse design thinking into every level of their organization to deliver better care to their patients. We have been coaching and guiding them on this journey for many years at many levels of the organization. The relationship began with IDEO over 10 years ago as a small, experimental innovation group that grew into the Innovation Consultancy– now one of the leading experts in design and health care.

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groupon logo

Groupon sought collaboration with their design team to improve the way people approach refunds and returns. Together, we found ways to delight customers during a potentially frustrating experience.


“Hillary and Denise’s expertise around design thinking and problem solving was key to helping us with a strategic design research problem.
I would highly recommend their services.”

– Monal Chokshi, Research Manager with SoundCloud

eHealth approached us to help facilitate the research for a large and complex site redesign process. We identified core questions for people with different insurance needs, and informed their design strategy with techniques for building confidence through the user journey.



Digimarc asked Winnow to assess a new market for their current capabilities: how do self-published authors feel about book piracy? Winnow interviewed a range of authors and other professionals in the ecosystem of this emerging marketplace to provide Digimarc’s with insights and concepts to engage the growing number of authors who choose to be independent.


“During a time of difficult change for the organization Hilary and Denise facilitated a creative, supportive space for collaboration.”

– Lisa Forti, Director of Innovation with EBALDC

East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation was in search of a new strategic plan. We suggested using the constructive, creative nature of design thinking to help engage their staff through a series of workshops that fostered connection around the new vision and contributed ideas for how their new space could reflect this new way of working.



Thai Toy Industry Association
Winnow was invited to partner with IDEO at an international workshop in Bangkok. The Thai government, proud of the high quality toys manufactured in Thailand, put together a program for their association to learn Design Thinking, in order to bring user-centered creativity into their development process. Winnow helped to arrange the 3-day workshop for 45 professionals to be immersed in the process of design thinking, from observation through prototyping, ending with a demonstration of 10 new product concepts.