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Hillary Carey is a design adventurer. She eagerly pursues new experiences in design thinking to create inspiration for others. Whether that involves shadowing college students through classes and part-time jobs to learn their latent needs or teaching toy designers in Thailand to embrace first-hand observation, Hillary loves a challenge to prove the value of design insights. After completing undergraduate and graduate degrees in Design from Carnegie Mellon, she worked in-house at Ford, Pitney Bowes, Yahoo!, and a start-up venture called Sococo. In-between she spent three exciting years at IDEO consulting for a broad range of clients including Nike, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Genentech, and Ormondale Elementary School. As a strategic consultant and Design Research coach, Hillary brings empathy for the structure of internal client teams and an understanding of how refreshing an outside perspective can be.

Small and agile with big company expertise.

Ours is a small and seasoned research firm specializing in product and service strategies that connect to what is most meaningful to people.

Design research means challenging assumptions to provide a more useful analysis of the challenge you’re facing.

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We’re based in Oakland, California, but as researchers, we’re often sky-bound in search of interviews, observations and insights gathered across the country and around the globe.

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